Palangi Accountability

Hey everyone! I wanted to reach out and get accountable with you! Choose. Commit Succeed. The focus of this group is accountability - staying true to your word.

How do we reach our goals???

Keeping your word about your commitments and being accountable for your actions is #1. Remember that your Coaches, CIT's, and students are here to support you, help you breakdown so you can breakTHROUGH. You can't have a breakthrough without having a breakdown. Breakdowns are actually super positive actions - they mean you are not happy with how things are, and you're ready for a CHANGE! Reach out, be proACTIVE and let Palangi support and coach you through. All your Coaches and CIT's are group members to message, email, text, meet up in class - make it happen! We've been THERE so not judgement here - just no BS and telling it like it is. Reach out, support one another and also please invite ONLY Palangi members. This is a SECRET group. Why? So we can communicate with only current Palangi Members and share amongst ourselves, who are all here for the same reasons! REMEMBER, What happens at Palangi STAYS at Palangi!! :)
-Master J