Intentional Paleo Community

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Applying hunter-gatherer anthropology to mind, body, and tribe. Our ancestors existed for 2+ million years hunting and gathering in small groups with a level of equality and play that modern humans are incapable of reproducing in the context of civilization. This group aims to distill the salient features of that lifestyle and apply them in a local and global network real-world communities.

"...attempting to create situations where humans interact together as people, not mediated by commodities or images... in these moments of true community, the possibility of a future joyful and unalienated..."

1. Free ourselves from the industrial food system.

2. Liberate land from the agricultural paradigm.

3. Rebuild wild human community.

"Play as a Foundation for Hunter-Gatherer Social Existence", Peter Gray

"Egalitarian Societies", James Woodburn (PDF)

"The Revolution of Everyday Life"

"The Original Affluent Society", Marshall Sahlins

"The Art of Not Being Governed", James C. Scott

"Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior", Christopher Boehm