PALEO TERRIFIC! ( diet support group )

Hello and Welcome to Paleoterrific! This group is to support people interested in maintaining a Paleo way of life. Join us, as we talk about meal planning & recipe finds, share foods that we love that are Paleo, learn from one another, socialize and make new friends.

Interested in learning more about how to eat Paleo getting away from processed foods and living a healthier lifestyle? Then, this is the group for you. Have an idea for a event? Send me your idea as an email. An event not in your area? Suggest one and see if there is any interest. Now, let's have some fun!

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"The New Evolution Diet", "The Atkins Diet", "The Paleolithic Prescription", "Primal Mind Primal Body, Sugar: The Bitter Truth", "Hunt Gather Love", "The Paleo Diet", "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program"