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Mission Statement

To create AWARENESS for WILDLIFE & NATURE that educates, informs and inspires peoples to protect wildlife for our children’s future

Guidelines for PantheraSHRUSTI Group
1. The photograph or information published must be owned by you
2. Members can post single photo or can create their own Album. Please do not post links.
3. All photos/Album uploaded should give the following details: Place, date & the Name/id of the Wildlife Sanctuary /Animal/bird photographed & brief about Wildlife Sanctuary /Animal/ bird
o Place means LOACATION details Country, State, District , Nearest City, Taluka, Sanctuary
o Date means month & year when the picture was taken.
o ID means English name and/or scientific name. If a member does not know the ID, it can be requested, and the information should be updated once the id is confirmed.
o Furnishing further details about an image is entirely up to the photographer.
4. Please share FULL NAME / ID of Wildlife Sanctuary or birds or Animal. Additionally you can write abbreviations like Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR)
5. Members can share their own Images on this group
6. Photographs depicting nesting, nestling, fledgling, captive birds and unethical perching are not allowed.
7. Please DO NOT post advertisements for products/services/tailor-made-tours etc. on the group without consent of an administrator.
8. The administrators shall use their discretion to relax regulations to some extent for posts related to research, education and conservation or for any other purpose.
For usage of media on this group: The images & videos posted on this forum are copyright and property of the individual photographers and they reserve all rights of usage unless they otherwise share some rights via a license such as Creative Commons.
For photographers: This group encourages its members to post their images under Creative Commons license of their choice.
IMPORTANT : Any suggestion on these guidelines/rules/group-management must be in form of a reply to this document. Please do not start new threads for that purpose.