The Partially Examined Life

We were slaves of the Ph.D. program at U of Texas back during the Clinton years but have since then escaped from philosophy. We now return to read classic texts and make smart-ass remarks about vital and/or esoteric issues for your entertainment. No prior knowledge is required for our audience. See for more information and our blog.

As participants of the PEL Facebook group there is also a short list of guidelines which are as follows:

As a place of public discussion we find it important that we all agree to play nice. It runs counter to the fundamental purpose of discussion boards to censor or curtail spirited discussion of controversial topics. However, we believe that we can have our disagreements without being disagreeable. Hence the following rules for this now moderated Facebook group.

1) No personal attacks, name-calling, libel, defamation, hate speech, comparisons to notorious dictators, and so on and so forth. Be respectful of one another. Under no circumstances should you post anything that could be taken as threatening, harassing, bullying, obscene, sexist, homophobic or racist.

2) Don’t be a troll and don’t encourage them. We understand that it is common for people to play contrarian for the sake of argument. This is a part of healthy dialectic. If one should encounter a troll please report it to a moderator. Don’t make it worse by reacting to their comments.

3) The PEL online community is dedicated to the study and discussion of philosophy. The fuel of this group is philosophical argumentation. Regardless of your experience or knowledge level do your best to contribute and facilitate critical and informed discussion and argumentation.

We believe that the above rules are a good system for self-moderation. We understand, however, that there will be people who are incapable of abiding by them. We encourage you to use FB’s “hide” feature for people whose posts and comments don’t suit your tastes but don’t violate the rules. (But "blocking" administrators will result in your removal from the forum so keep that in mind.) If you believe someone is violating the rules, contact one of these moderators: @Rafael Fernando Bracho Treviño VIII, @Daniel Mckay, @Marilynn Lawrence, @Jake Wilson, @JF JF, @Bruce B Adam, @Chris Mullen, @David Buchanan, @Brad Younger, @Eric Vee, @James Kourtides, @Boudica Trent Erikson, @Peter Hardy

These moderators will act as a committee in moderating the forum when necessary. They will determine the appropriate response to any rule violations. This may vary from education to a warning to being banned from the group. The emphasis will be on encouraging people to become productive members rather than exclusion.