Klang People

Dear Every facebook User,

Let me explain to you what is the meaning of Klang People ?

Easy ... klang people is for klang people hahaha

Klang People Group

1. Please NO spamming.
If you want to post your product or share information that might require multiple postings (e.g. multiple pictures, different links), please post ONCE with insertion of a URL link to your website or fb page, rather than dump as much information as possible in multiple continuous posts here. As a general guideline:
- Please do not post the same information more than once in 48 hours.
- Please do not repeatedly self comment on your own post in an effort to float the post to the top. This is evident when you're talking to yourself in your post.

2. Vacancy Posting
Please add your vacancy posting into doc file that have been created earlier instead of post it at Klang people wall.

3. Respect Privacy. Please do not carelessly post your personal information such as contacts or address less you intend to. Neither post information of others or their children (such as pictures) without their consent.

4. Please Be Polite and Civilized. We are not expected to agree with everybody, but please be civilized. No verbal abuse is acceptable.

5. Please Avoid Political Rhetorics. We want this forum to be helpful to the community and not be politically driven. We can talk about politics as long as it helps the community solve issues. Stay away from rhetorics.