Maths, Statistics, ICT Tuition, SPSS, AMOS, MINITAB and Excel Analysis

I am an experienced tutor in MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS and ICT. I am offering private tuition at GCSE and GCE A-level :
Core Mathematics - C1, C2, C3, C4;
Further Mathematics - FP1, FP2, FP3;
Statistics -S1, S2, S3, S4;
Decision - D1, D2
I help researchers in STATISTICAL ANALYSIS and INTERPRETATION (PROJECTS AND DISSERTATIONS). I help students in solving past question papers.
I am patient and I offer a relaxed way of teaching. I can adjust my teaching according to the needs of the student. I charge at a competitive rate of only £20 per hour (THIS DEPENDS ON SUBJECT LEVEL AND LOCATION OF STUDENT). CRB checked tutor
About my Qualifications and Experience:
* Bachelor of Science in Statistics
* Master of Science in Internet Computing (The University of Hull.)
* Part-Time Lecturer (Statistics) (3 years)
* Mathematics Teacher (GCE and A-Levels) (3 years).
Areas of interest:
*Data Collection and Cleansing via- (1) questionnaire, (2) statistical survey/ structured interview, (3) experiment *QUANTITATIVE and QUALITATIVE (Categorical) data analysis
*Expert in reading Statistical Tables- Chi Square Tables, Student t distribution tables, Standard normal distribution tables, F distribution tables etc
*Probability Distributions
*Statistical Hypothesis, Tests (PARAMETRIC AND NON-PARAMETRIC STATISTICAL TESTING) and Confidence intervals
*Multivariate and bivariate regression and Correlation
*Demography and population studies
*Statistical quality and process control
*Time Series analysis
*Queuing Models *Structural Equation Modelling (AMOS)

+Get TRAINED to USE Statistical Analysis Packages: SPSS, AMOS, MINITAB, StatsDirect and R
+Get TRAINED to USE Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.
+ E-Business
+Database and Internet-based Information Systems, SQL, PHP, XML/DTD, XSLT
+JAVA Programming (OOP, GUI, Event handling, etc).
+Data structures, +Algorithms
+Apache Server set-up
+ Computer for Beginners + Computer related subjects for GSCE, A-Levels, Bachelors in Computer Science and Statistics.
+I design and develop websites using XHTML, CSS and DOM Scripting (Java) with valid codes, mostly hand coded and complying with the W3C standards.
+ Computer system health check and Random Access Memory (RAM) installation & Upgrade
For further information please contact me by calling 07983454192 or send emails to: or send emails to: