Patrick Taylor's Marketing Group

This is a closed group created by Patrick Taylor to help you lea...rn and develop your Internet marketing business.

As colleagues in this business, we're going to help to pull each other up by the bootstraps.

Let's be courteous to each other in this forum. No profanity or vulgar language will be allowed. The Golden Rule applies here: "Treat others as you want to be treated."

Let's help each other to increase profits in the New Year!

Do you need a testimonial or review for a new product? Are you looking for a free resource? Are you stuck on some technical hurdle.

Bring your ideas, encouragement, questions, knowledge, and expertise.

Most groups discourage affiliate links. I'm going to start out by allowing them. I know how difficult it is just getting out of the gate and I want you to be able to promote, but let's not get crazy and spammy. (We'll see how this works out and go from there...) See More