Pawan Kalyan

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ρяσυ∂ тσ вє α ραят σƒ тнιѕ Pawan Kalyan gяσυρ !!
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® O F F I C I A L G R O U P ®

If passion could speak,
It would articulate the splendor of Pawan in the most beautiful way...

If imagination had wings,
It would spread the glory of Pawan to the world around...

If vision could feel,
It would feel the radiance of Pawan to the fullest extent...

If heart could think,
It would comprehend the platonic love that the fans of Pawan have for him...

If truth had power,
It would make sure Pawan achieves tremendous success in the years to come...

If fans have faith,
Nothing can stop Pawan from becoming the most enduring, adorable and inspiring STAR