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Terms & Conditions for All.

1. You are not Allowed to share any web site link OR Group link OR page link without Admin Permission.
Except : www.t3rmin4t0rz.com , www.pcsoft24.com & http://frenzyim.com/
On found such kind of activities. Those Post will be deleted without notification.

2. For sharing Download link You have to post Direct Download Link.
Except : www.t3rmin4t0rz.com , www.pcsoft24.com & http://frenzyim.com/

3. Please Don't Discuss your Personal issue.
On found such kind of Discussion.Those people will be banned without warning.

4. You may Discuss Any types of Mig33 & PC related software. But For downloading purpose you have to follow Terms no : 2
If i would get such kind of post I will delete those without notification.

5. Only This Group Admins carry the Right To Edit This Terms & Conditions.

6. Ebuz Team is not involved with any kinds of Transaction.

Terms & Conditions For Mig33 Developers

You have to put This Group Name Or Site Name On your Tool. Example :

Faithful Source of Mig33 software > https://www.facebook.com/groups/pcsoft24


Faithful Source of Mig33 software > http://www.pcsoft24.com/

If you are agree with this term & Condition You may share your Own tool any Time.

On found Discrimination with this terms & Conditions, Your Product Advertisement will be removed without notification.

Group Admin