Peace River Buy, Sell or Trade

Note: We are not taking new business advertising at this time.

Sellers Rules
1. Please do NOT post another image if you have already posted one, please bump up the older one. If you post double images do not be surprised if all your pictures are deleted.
Add Description of Item as a comment: This will add it to the wall, and Iphone users can see it.

2. Bumping is allowed 1x every 3 days. People whom bump and delete their bump will be warned once and next offense banned. *Please note*

Consider the following: not rules per say but just as a friendly way to keep things from being bumped too often:

3. Pending Pickup - Do not announce that it's sold. Buyers don't care, and this bumps it to the top. Please delete your post after it is sold.

4. If you are going to have your facebook settings high, and not allow non friends to Private message you, than I suggest you add in an alternative way to contact you such as an email address or Phone number (an email address can be set up just for the purpose of selling/buying).

Buyers Rules.

1. Private message the seller or use other contact to ask questions about every little detail.

Image Rules
1. All information must be included: Contact information, Size, & Price & Description as a comment: IF it's done as a comment it will show up on the wall as a new post, and so people on their iphones can see and comment on it.

2. 1 Image per item ( If you feel the need to have tons of pictures of the same item please consider kijii for pictures such as pets, real estate, automobiles, Recreation vehicles - as people want lots of pictures.

3. IMAGES ARE SUBJECT TO be deleted on the 1st of every month for category albums. For mobile images, they will be subject to deleting 30 days from date posted.


3. When posting a full collection of cds, books, dvds, video games, clothing lots, toy lots, consider grouping into one picture, with price and description of each. As from previous months past, it doesn't look like items individually photographed sell any better than a group picture. Put in your personal email so you can email the potential buyer (you can create an email through hotmail just for this purpose).
4. No auctions allowed.


Mobile Users welcome to post images. Please refer to Image rules. 1 image per item.

Business Posting

Businesses are welcome to post 2 ads per month. Absolutely No bumping, Use Category Biz for images.
Absolutely No Diet Businesses they are NOT welcome.

Common Rules

Respect other postings - Do not post badly about item's price or prettyness. Like Mother Always said " Don't have nothing nice to say" don't say nothing at all.

No whining on other sites about Members/or rules or you will be banned.

Personal Attacks - Not acceptable - but if caught more than once of being a bad seller, you may find yourself not part of the community. If you find yourself in a position of buying something that did not work as claimed. Please let me know, so I can watch for other bad selling practices. BUT use common sense when purchasing an item used. Try it first before you leave. Like I tell everyone at my sales 10 feet warranty once you are 10 feet away warranty void. Buyer beware.


Everyone will be given 1 Warning to those not complying to rules above. One week to remove offense. If its not removed, we will remove it. After that you will be banned 1 month to 6 weeks, than after a 3rd offense, you will permanantly banned.