Diabetes; How It Affects Us All

Growing up, there are many things, especially from my generation..., that our parents, grandparents, and other relatives kept hidden from us, when it came to medical conditions. Perhaps afraid of mass panic among the children, nightmares of needles, tubes, tests and large machines would have filled our very dreams. one never knows. However in today's world, if we had known, maybe we could have gotten a hold on what may come in the future for us. Avoid or consume little of the Halloween candy. Don't over-indulge on the sweets around the holidays. Genetically speaking, the gene is there, lying dormant within our very DNA. Passed down from generation to generation, the list goes on about medical information that we as children, as young adults, as adults with our own children, should have known. Many of those things, remain a mystery still. We only find out through common factors among our present day family members and strive to make tomorrow a better future for generations to come. Diabetes, in any form, any type, can strike anyone. Poor diet, stress, and yes physical malformations, (producing too much, too little, or no insulin at all can lead to Diabetes. Make note of not just our Disease, but all those related to past or present generations; if only for the good of generations to come.