Performance Dog Rehoming Registry Group

People who would like to help out/become members to form this service/registry. Concept is to help rehome performance dogs into performance homes in the event of their present handler's demise.
Would folks be interested in establishing a performance dog rehoming registry? My thought here is to assure that in the untimely demise of a performance dog’s owner, their trained performance dog could find itself in a new performance home. I’ve done some initial searching, and the only thing I can find are performance adoption services that focus on pulling “performance potential” dogs out of shelters for performance homes. These typically focus primarily on herding breeds and terrier crosses. I can’t find anything where pet guardians could join an organization, or designate that organization in their will, as being responsible for finding their trained performance dog, regardless of breed, a new home with a like-minded individual who would keep the dog in performance events and train and feed that dog with the same ideology towards wellness and training philosophy. Such a registry could also serve as means for people who don’t want to start with a puppy or are new to sports and would like to start out with a “school master”. It would also be a nice compromise for people who like the thought of adoption but don’t want to have to deal with behavioral and health issues of a shelter dog but still want to do a “good deed.” Does anyone know of an organization like the one I am thinking of- that already exists? Thoughts? I think such an organization would be self-sustaining by means of an annual membership by the pet guardian and a small adoption fee from the pet adopters and the creation of a database of owners, dogs and potential adopters. It could run strictly as a non-profit. I don’t expect administration costs would be too high – just a website and a database for starters and perhaps, some sort of insurance policy to protect against liability costs. A foster network would probably also need to be instituted to bridge the gap between adoptions and placements. Dog could be organized by breed, age, and dog sport. Members would have to sign an agreement specifying specific care criteria (for example, feeding only ultra-premium or raw food, using positive training methods and providing regular exercise). These are just my preliminary thoughts on the matter but I think this could be very do-able.