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Do you like growing your authority online, sharing your knowledg...e and increasing your bottom line? So do I! Let's chat about it all - authority marketing and all! I'm your guide, Barbara Ling: 17+ year Authority Marketing Innovator, Boomer, parent of 4 and spouse of 20+ years.

If you're looking for the typical young-crowd marketingWannabes who focus on cheap knock-off fake "style" instead of solid "substances" (aka "FORCE Paypal to fling money in your account!" , "SEE MY MANSIONS because in 15 minutes you can buy them too!" etc, please keep moving and do NOT join us!

We're NOT your community. Not by a long-shot.

But! If you're looking for what just plain *works* with authority marketing and want to join a like-minded group of quality folk who share successes, support one another and make things shine... keep on reading!

Browse thru the goodies in the Files section and do feel free to add your own (so long as you have those rights to share them).

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About launches - you can share your launch IF and only IF you share the behind-the-scenes goodness, ie, what you're creating, why you're creating it, what your challenges have been, what your goals are, etc. NO straight launch announcements but do feel free to ask everyone to wish you luck!

Additionally, please include attribution if you share inspirational stories/posts - don't copy them word for word and claim ownership. Failure to do so will result in deletion.

Thanks so'll love the benefits you'll get!