Perth Photography Group

This is a place for members of the Photoh Perth Photography Grou...p to share images, exchange photography tips, ask questions, receive constructive criticism on their photos and discuss upcoming group events.

Critique Me Tuesday is held every week for one hour. Photoh instructors critique as many photos as they can during this time. It's best to post the photos you want to receive feedback on from the instructors, on Tuesday night rather than on other days of the week. If you just want feedback from other group members you are welcome to post on any day of the week.

This group is free from marketing and our focus is Q&As. Please do not request to join if your intentions are to promote business, other groups or sites, etc. Please do not mass tag members. Selling photography equipment of any kind is not allowed.

All profiles are screened to maximise the security and safety of our community. If you do not live in Perth, your profile settings are too high, your account is new, marketing like, suspected spam or not a real name, your request will either be declined or you will be sent a private message to confirm your authenticity. If you have not been approved please check your 'others' folder to see if you have received an email from us, or send us a a private message to request to be added, confirming that you have attended a Photoh class or that you are a photographer who lives in Perth.

All conversation must be conducted in a respectful and considerate manner. We reserve the right to close or delete any post we do not believe is acceptable and we reserve the right to immediately ban any member that is breaking the rules, being rude, bullying other members, etc. If anyone has any concerns you can contact admin at any time. See More