Perth Photoshoot Group Inc.

Welcome to the Perth Photoshoot Group Inc.!

CHAIR: Lauren Payne
VICE CHAIR: Tim Courtland
SECRETARY: Courtney Pritchett
TREASURER: Julie Brooker

Primary Representatives:
PHOTOGRAPHY: Glen Buktenica
MODELLING: Courtney Pritchett
MAKEUP: Jess Johnston

Who are we?

The Perth Photoshoot Group Inc. (let’s keep it simple, and call it “PPG”) is a Perth based group, consisting of models, photographers, make-up artists (MUAs), fashion and hair stylists. Some of us work in this area as professionals, but the majority of the group’s members are amateurs, and work in totally unrelated fields. Many members of PPG are students.

What is the purpose of the Group?

The purposes of the Group are varied:

-To allow models, MUAs, hair and fashion stylists and photographers to gain experience, skills and knowledge;
-To network; and
-To build our portfolios.

What does PPG do?

We meet once a month for a photo shoot, typically in a public location. Each shoot has a different theme, as voted by the members.

After the MUAs, hair and fashion stylists have made their contribution and the models are ready, photographers and models form small groups at the start of the shoot. Photographers and models then rotate between groups throughout the shoot, to add variety to the experience. Everyone offers their time for free.

How do I join a shoot?

You need to register online). Time cut-offs do apply, as we need to balance the numbers of models, MUAs, hair and fashion stylists and photographers attending.

Are there any costs involved?

Membership of the Group is $50 a year for a twelve month membership, or $10 per shoot for casual membership. Any surplus after shoots goes directly into the PPG location fund, which is spent on bigger and better locations the next month.

How do I organise makeup, hair and/or styling?

Once you have registered for a shoot, PPG highly recommends that models, hair and fashion stylists, makeup artists, etc. all register at our Facebook sister group, PPG - Styling Collaboration. This is the best place to put up a callout for assistance.

Are there any rules or restrictions I should know about?

Age restrictions do apply to 18 years and older. However, this rule has been amended to include models below the age of 18, providing they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the entirety of the photoshoot. All members who turn up for a shoot will be asked to sign a release form.

Written by Sarah Mercier (Founding PPG Chairperson)
Amended by Lauren Payne (2014 PPG Chairperson)