Non-Hostelite Students Assosiation Universiti Sains Malaysia (PETAS USM)

Student Affair and Development Division gives attention to students' staying off-campus welfare with the establishment of PETAS. PETAS is responsible for the well-being of students staying off-campus ranging from undergraduates to post graduates, both local and international students. PETAS is considered as an off-campus hostel which is leas by a Penggawa(Manager), management organization and student's committee. PETAS Office is located at Kompleks Dewan Budaya. It is situated near to Subaidah Restaurant USM which make it easier for you to visit us!

In mid 2011, PETAS Office is going to move to a new location, that is the new Pusat Mahasiswa, standing proudly nest to the Pusat Sejahtera.

USM PETAS Objectives.
-to pay full attention and meet students' staying off-campus welfare
-as an intermediate for students' staying off-campus to communicate with the management of USM
-to deliver up-to-date information related to USM activities
-as a channel for students' staying off-campus to join activities in USM
- to strengthen and motivate the relationship among students' staying off-campus
- to encourage good spiritual and physical aspects of students staying off-campus students.

PETAS activities
through PETAS, student's staying off-campus is given the chance to commit and participate in various activities in USM. PETAS's
1) Sports Competition among Hostels (SUKAD)
2) Annual Athlete Competition (TOT)
3) Vice-Chancellor Cup Debate Competition (DPNC)
4)Quatrain Competition among Hostel(PADU)
5) Public Speaking - throughout the year
6) Mooncake and Lantern Festival (Pesta Tanglung)
7) Baktisiswa Programme
8) Team Building
9) Trip to Medan, Indonesia
10) Social Visit to orphanage houses throughout the country

Information & inquiries, please contact
1) Dr. Anees Janee Ali @ Hamid
Manager PETAS
Student Affairs & Development Division
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Tel : 04-653 2545
Fax : 04-658 1745
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

2) En. Khairul Eruwan Bin Abdul Halim
Assistant Manager PETAS
Tel: 012-594 9697
email: [email protected]

3) En. Zulkifli Bin Che Hussin
Tel: 019-544 4002

4) Pn. Siti Bayuni Bt Rohanon
Assistant Hostel Manager
Tel: 04-6532545/653 2541
email: [email protected]