Earning in Revshare with Shivi

Introducing Teacher's program Of Profit Forest in my way

What is teacher in Profit Forest ??

A teacher in Profit forest is a bridge between students( members in PF are called students) and Administration

A teacher's responsibility is to learn about each and every product that PF come out with and explain to his students

A teacher is the most powerful tool of this profit forest program and earn massive daily cash rewards for giving his or her time

a teacher is kind, always ready to help PF new members as well as existing members

How Teacher earns here in Profit Forest ?

In profit forest teacher earns portion of revenue from following sub programs

2 : Micro Jobs.
3: Auction.
4: Withdraw/Deposit Payment.
5 : Advertise with us.
6: Investment Programs.
7: $10,000 Challenge Program.

How to become a teacher :

You must be a Premium member who has paid a Yearly membership of 200$ and you must hold minimum 4 shares in silver deposit program

SO guys what are you waiting for ??

At present out of 5 teacher post 3 are already filled in .. so hurry up and be a premium member and

then apply for a teacher