Phewtick Flash Mob Singapore

Hi everyone, I have some rules for this group. I'm not trying to be bossy, but to benefit everyone here.

1. Maximum 1 meet-up per week, unless phewtick have some special events. This is not to dilute any members.

2. No clashing of event, No two meet-up different location on same date. This wont be cos of Rule 1

3. To promote more members to come fr the meet-up session, 2 days in advance before creating the event.

4. Always have eye contact on ur belongings n ur devices during meet-up

5. Have fun! Any problem or not satisfy with the rule kindly PM me!

- If you are are active member n wished to organize meet-up n interested being an admin, PM me or any of the admin.

- Also.. For all those successful meet-up you all had, The guy behind this whole grp is @joshua Wong. You dont see him around lately because he is a very busy guy!

Current admin,
Joshua Wong Raymond Chua Fadz Man Sathish Kumar Samson Yuen FiOn KoH

Cheers everyone! TY for reading!