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Welcome to - Capturing Life Through The Lens! This group is for all photograph-loving individuals who would like to share and inspire people with their photos. We accept photos of any subject that will catch out visitor’s attention and paint a thousand words, except for those mentioned in the rules below.

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The Rules:

1. Share only those photos which were taken by you. Post your photo directly to the P2S wall -- only photos tagged by an Admin with a link to "Photos of the Week" album should be added to the album. Photos inside the weekly album which were not tagged previously will be removed, with or without notice to the member who posted.
2. No posting of advertisement not related to Photography. These will be deleted with or without notice to the member who posted.
3. In the spirit of advocating learning, a member can direct P2S members to his own photography site/ page. But this should be done conscientiously. In this regard, soliciting support to one's own site or page on a one on one basis by technically spamming in several posts and comments are from hereon disallowed.
4. Nudity and sexy images are not tolerated in this group, and they will be removed immediately.
5. The only link allowed is your Facebook fan page and Flicker. Other external links are prohibited. (You can upload your photos with the link of your Facebook fan page).
6. Members can share 5 photos per day.
7. Make some constructive comments to other members' photos.
8. Please respect each other's opinions, and courtesy must be given to all members of the group.
9. Creating personal albums is not allowed. Only admins can make albums.
10. Posting personal videos is not allowed. Audio/ Video presentations are posted by P2S Admins only to showcase photos of the week and/ or special photo topics relevant to and its members as a whole.
11. Repeated violation of house rules and Illegal activities by members within this group will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the group.
12. Sharing your photos here in the group means you give us permission to share them with everyone in our Facebook fan page at "" - and in our website at

This group was created on May 9, 2013.

Share and inspire us with your photos!

Happy sharing!