Photographers International Group


This group has been created to spread awareness and knowledge of art photographers, both amateurs and professionals, who have been invited as members. Therefore, all our deepest respect and admiration for them. Thanks for keeping this group alive and kicking, and for respecting our rules :

1. Only 3 pictures per day allowed.

2. Pictures that are are not self-created will not be accepted in this group, and will be deleted by the moderators.

3. Please ONLY upload photos from your PC.

4. Do not post links from other pages containing advertising or personal albums links member profiles. Links are not allowed. Such posts will be deleted, and if this happens many times, the poster will be booted from the group.
* Links to pages that do give valuable information for the members, new techniques, equipment, software and so on, are allowed.

5. Please, for the good of all, do not write "thank you" to all and everybody who likes or comment on your pictures.

6. Please comment on the pictures, and be constructive with your comments, please.

7. For Saturday and Sunday we will propose a theme. The photos uploaded that don`t correspond to that subject will be deleted if the author do not make the change when requested.

8. Photographers International Group reserves the right of admission of the photographs that members post on the group's wall. We require a minimum of quality in them, not only the composition and the technical quality of the shot itself (either with a DSLR or compact camera), but also in the way the photograph is processed:
* No blurry or unfocused pictures are approved (unless intentional and in line with what you want ti tell with your photo. For example by long exposure, motion, blur or bokeh concept etc.)
* If the purpose of the photo is showing a flower or an insect (macro or not) we require a minimum of technical quality.
* If, however, you have messages to convey, not only aesthetic, through the art of photography, we also appreciate a good technical foundation for the job done.

9. Persons who repeatedly violate the rules, will be banned from the group.