Photographic Vision

This is a group to share your photography, organize trips, exchange your equipment, create events... SHARE YOUR VISION ..and most important...HAVE YOUR WORK SHARED WITH AND APPRECIATED BY OTHERS

The group was founded by #Monir_El_Shazly in 2007 to get his photography students encouraged to post their work, by 2010 the group has grown to reach more than 3000..and now we have passed 4000 by mid of 2013 (of course not all of them are Monir's students, now the group is open for public:)


Photographic Vision Rules

1. Everyone, professional, enthusiast, or amateur can send their pictures and have other members commenting, advising, or giving feedback.
2. Please write a short brief about the picture posted (location, camera used, time, and any other technical details)
3. Do not upload any pointless snapshots, please always choose the best shots.
4. All members are free to post any numbers of pictures but please respect a number of 3 pictures per day
5. Only post your own work. Don't post any copy from any other photographer or any website or anyone else.
6. Don't be shy to leave some feedback, we are here to learn, appreciate and exchange, positive or negative impression, just say it!
7. The creator and officers have the right to remove any pictures deemed offensive to the rest of the members.(but will contact the person first before any action is taken)
8. Feel free to be creative, share your vision of the world...and take initiatives to comment on other member's work
9. Your photography could make a difference one day, BELIEVE IN THAT...

Thanks for Joining