Conditions for publishing on ART PHOTOGRAPHY:

1 - There are no limits to publish photographs.
2 - You can publish a photo at a time.
3 - Each photograph must be accompanied published author's name.
4 - The picture posted, if you will, can be accompanied by the title of the work.
5 - You can make comments on "comment".
6 - It is forbidden nude photographs, obscene, violent, bloody and all those images that are considered by management in poor taste and go against the beauty of photographic art. If published photographs with these features will be removed. We will take into account Facebook regulations regarding the publication of images.
7 - It is forbidden to add "Links" of any kind. You post link next to a photo or comments will be removed. Only may publish links, administrators.
8 - It is forbidden any kind of grievances in the comments.
9 - People who do not respect the points 6, 7 and 8, will be permanently removed from the Group, prior warning.

ART PHOTOGRAPHY, was created to publish, share, discuss and especially to form a group of people who love the art of photography.

Thank you very much and greetings.

Augusto Jelocnik (administrator).