Piano Teacher Central

Welcome piano teachers! Piano Teacher Central is a friendly group devoted to the art of piano teaching. We are teachers from all walks of life with an array of experience levels with one common goal: to learn from one another and support one another.

Jennifer Eklund, Kristin Yost, and Nathan Smith are co-administrators of this group. We are all busy professionals and do not live on the internet! We are not here to babysit, censor, or discourage members from participating in lively discussions. However we do request that kindness and respect are afforded all members of the group. If you've got nothing nice to say then maybe you should go say it somewhere else. We don't frown upon dissenting points of view but please consider your approach when posting & responding to threads. We're all grown-ups here so let's act like it!

Piano Teacher Central is a little different from other piano teaching groups. We realize that teachers who take part in these groups are pro-active folks who are looking to learn from others and learn about resources that other teachers are utilizing. Therefore we do not discourage self-promotion. The only way to keep learning and pushing our field forward is through networking and learning about new resources from one another.

Do you write a blog about teaching music? Please feel free to share your articles.

Are you a composer? Feel free to post a description of your work, etc.

We are not inviting you to spam the group every hour with your latest wares, so we ask that you exercise good ole' common sense when posting links. We also hope that if you are an author/composer/blogger/publisher that you will actively take part in discussions so we can also get to know you as a pedagogue.

Last but not least. This is a CLOSED GROUP. That means that members are screened beforehand to make sure this is a group for piano teachers only. Because it is a closed group that means only group members can see the posts in Piano Teacher Central. Don't be concerned if Piano Teacher Central items show up in your newsfeed - that doesn't mean your friends can see what is being posted in the group.

Glad to have you in the group and feel free to add your other friends...