This group focuses on discussions and useful information about PHP, come join the many PHP developers and aspiring developers.

IMPORTANT: Any code snippet that is over 4 lines long will be deleted on the spot if it is not shared via

IRC channel is #php-community on

We have also made a new sub group on G+ where we don't only talk about PHP but computer science and programming in general the link is:

THE RULES of the group are as follows:
- No illegal material is to be posted in the group.
- No Asking questions that can easily be answered by a simple google search
- No Asking us to do your homework or work for you
- Use to share your code for review if you happen to have any code related questions
- No racism
- No spam
- Respect the admins and other members
- ONLY USE ENGLISH when communicating with the members or admins of this group, as this is an international community.

BEFORE asking question consider the smart question guide located at

"PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is now installed on more than 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers.[2] Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, the reference implementation of PHP is now produced by The PHP Group.[3] While PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page,[4] it now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, a recursive backronym"