Pitt County/Greenville Yardsale

Welcome to the Pitt County/ Greenville Yard Sale group!
This is a sales website for buying/selling YARD SALE items in the Greenville, NC/ Pitt County area. Please read the rules before posting.

Invite your friends so we can get some awesome things in here to sell!

1. Absolutely NO work from home ads, scams, or personal business advertisements. Do NOT post links to your online store, that is considered a business ad. However group posts (like another yard sale group) and community events are ok. Other items not allowed include guns, automobiles, hand-made or craft items, pets, or jobs.

2. No fighting with other members. Whoever participates in it will be deleted. Be kind, and considerate. If there is a problem please message or tag any admin!

3. Do not post your sale more then once. You may "bump" your post once every 24 hours. If you are posting multiple items please make an album.

4. The seller ultimately decides who gets the item but generally you go in the order of the responses. If items are listed on multiple sites, please include that with the description to avoid confusion about someone jumping ahead of them. Please do not share personal information about where you are meeting, or phone numbers, in the comments. Message the person who is selling. Remember to check your "other" folder. If you commit to buying something please follow through. If the person does not show up, please let me know.

5. If you cannot find your item please search your name in the search bar, or check the photos/albums and make sure your post is not already there before posting.

6. In order to post multiple items, you must create an album! You can comment on individual pics to post description and price and individual pics can be deleted as items are sold.

Have fun ;) Make new friends! Happy Shopping!

~Thanks guys!
Lisa, Heather, and Kim

PPU - Pending pick up
ISO - In search of
NWT - New with tag
PM - private message
Next - Person is next in line for the item