Placement Training 2013 Batch

This group is basically for the folks for 2013 pass outs!!!
This group will have everything:
1. seniors who got placed in various companies to guide you, share your queries etc.
2. You can have a chat with other folks from ur same batch and seniors to discuss on ur career.
3. A family where u can interact and know more about education, placements, future.

This page has been created by placement 2012 Batch!!!
You can also have a look at it:

also this group has been supported by placement hub which is again a master piece of all our hardwork.

Its leaded by following persons:

This group is runned by Placement training 2012 batch members.

Some prominent persons includes:

1. Arun kumaran- Worked in TCS from Oct 2010. Served as a placement co ordinator in his college. from ECE department. Helping juniors in getting placed.
Launched placement training group :) contact no:09791192988 / +65 82532041

Now currently doing his masters in NUS, Singapore.

2. Vignesh: Did his MBA in England. Math lover!!!! Will help u anytime. genius!!!
Now working in Dun & Bradstreet Chennai.

3. Mohammed Imran: We call him Mr Android. Just for the love he has on Android. Developed lots of apps. Genius again!!

4. Gopinath: Works in IBM as a software developer!!! :) hard worker and will help u anytime!!

5. Sai Aditya: TCS 2013 fresher. Our 'Aptitude Trainer' ;) Gives motivation and came n got placed in TCS by mere hardwork!

6. Krupa Shankar: CSE Freek!!! any doubt we have in any CSE stuffs, it will be to him :P :P very helpful. works in TCS.

7. Aarthi: Our group's sweet sister :) got placed in TCS again :) and very good motivator.

8. Mohammed Mudasheer: The guy who we all respect a lot!!! :) got placed in CTS through lots of failures. One of our biggest treasures of our group.

9. Aarti Tewari: Well, she is another treasure to this group :) Got placed in Xcino software limited by mere hardwork and dedication.

10. (It can be ur name too)

Our motive is simple!!! :) :) To help u ppl :) :)
We are there for u!!!!

All i say is 1 thing...

Come with a confidence... Rest we will do :) :)
We wont say.. we mean it :) :)

Geeks Arena Team!!!