Planet Bromeliad

A place for people who grow, collect and appreciate BROMELIADS, one of the the greatest family of plants on Earth. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 7 ( SEVEN ) PHOTO POSTS PER PERSON PER DAY / 24 HOUR PERIOD. Do not post "fake" photos or Photoshopped images here, they are not allowed. Please follow the FB Friendship Rules. No open selling, no ebay ads, no commercial websites, no advertising or corporate logos allowed. No product photos. NO photos or depictions of guns, weapons or violent acts are allowed at any time. This is the only warning issued. Post any and you will be removed permanently.
Blocking or other means of hiding from the administrators of this group is cause for immediate removal and may result in being permanently banned.

Submissions of stories, articles and histories of plants, bromeliad collectors or growers can be entered here as documents in the "Files" area. Their inclusion as permanent documents is up to the discretion of the Planet Administrator. Thank you.

We strive to make life on the Plant and Animal Planets much better than the day to day world that drags you down and pulverizes your mind and heart. Nature's beauty is the cure and we prescribe it and administer it 24 / 365.