Plant Foods Perth Co-op
Plant Foods Perth
We very quickly realize what we are supposed to eat for optimal health when we come across the right information, but sometimes, living in Perth, we have to compromise. Everyone deserves to eat right - without compromise.
We should all be doing so with as few limitations as possible. Of course Perth being the most isolated city in the Southern Hemisphere and in all cases a complete rip-off when it comes to buying fresh produce as an individual, we really do have a hard time trying to eat food that is in compliance with our physiology; food otherwise referred to as ripe, raw, organic, whole plant foods. Through organization we can remove these limitations and have direct and year long access to what Perth and the rest Australia has to offer.

To gauge everyone's interest and process everyone's ideas we would like to proceed by starting a mailing list. Please send your name and e-mail address to [email protected] along any source of food you know of (local, online, even places that you forage). This co-op is only viable if we have enough people who will consistently order each week and if we have access to a variety of sources year round.