‫Plastic Recycling تدوير البلاستيك‬

Many manufacturers may want to reuse their scrap in their production process. Plastic Recycling Factory's facility allows us to provide such services as custom grinding, shredding and separation (wash & dry) to customers.

In order to reduce the amount of plastic scrap ending up in landfills, we offer Waste Management consulting service to manufacturers who wish to minimize waste disposal costs.

For other manufacturers who cannot reuse their scrap in their production process, we will purchase them for recycling purpose. We ensure that the plastics purchased are 100% recycled into secondary raw materials to be utilized by end markets. For a current inventory of materials for sale and purchase, Please refer to "Material Listings/Products".

With a variety of services available, Plastic Recycling Factory can assist plastic producers in securing an extra source of income generated from unusable plastics. To find out more information, contact us now!