Plate Chasers

PLEASE READ!!! Welcome to Plate Chasers! Aka The Vanity Plate Enthusiast Group. This is a group dedicated to the sport of capturing the creative jokes people tell the world through personalized license plates. The name of the game is to capture a plate in the moment, even if that means going out of your way just to get us a glimpse! We welcome any photos you've taken of someone's (or your own) personalized license plate from anywhere in the world no matter what its meaning may be. You can use this group for crowd sourcing information to try and determine the meaning of a personalized plate. Before posting, make sure you are following the rules below!

1. Original content only! You can post a picture that a friend or family member sends you, but do not post photos from Google images, Reddit, etc.
2. Keep it relevant.
3. Must be a government issued plate (no gag or store bought plates)
4. Must have a personalized sequence of characters ( i.e. no special interest plates with a random letter/number combination).
5. Be nice! This is a hate free group. If you have a problem with something in the group, please message an admin directly!
6. Stay safe! While the group encourages chasing down cool plates we also do not endorse dangerous or law breaking behavior. If you can't get a picture safely, don't risk it!

*We do enforce these rules and although we really do not want to, repetitive rule violations will earn you a ban.