Playa del Fuego

Playa del Fuego is a Mid-Atlantic Regional Burning Man Regional event. Events are held every spring and fall, on Memorial Day and Columbus Day weekends in Odessa, Delaware. Playa del Fuego is an experiment in collaborative community, featuring art and music. This community is created by volunteers working together utilizing the Ten Principles of Burning Man as our guide. There are no spectators at Playa del Fuego; everyone collaborates in some way to create the event. It's a place for radical self-expression, acceptance, inclusivity, and respect.

The page is primarily for community interaction. Please use this page for posting information RELEVANT to the PDF and Burning Man communities only. Advertisements and other SPAM will be deleted, and the user may be removed or banned from the page. If you are ONLY in this group to promote your for-profit events or promotional page, then your posts will be considered SPAM. There are other forums (like city-based Burner pages/lists) that are more appropriate for promotion.

FYI, this group is NOT an official source of information. *Official* news ONLY comes from the website, the PONY forum, the Burning Pony Express, and the moderated "Playa del Fuego" fan page. To join this group requires approval of an admin to keep SPAM to a minimum! If your request to join is denied or if you are not approved with 48 hours, please message an admin. (Please do not message an admin unless you've been denied or waiting for approval. We're not on this page 24/7.)

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