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This group is only meant for CEA Registered Real Estate Salespersons (RES) to discuss on real estate matters; such as case studies and listings to cobroke.

Please do remember to delete or edit your listings if listings are sold / rented or changes in the status.

Do NOT post listings that does not welcome agents or already cobroke & listings containing religion / racial discrimination. Any comments or listings that are reported not suitable will have their listings removed.

Please be advised that you are responsible for any comments / listings you post as this is an open public group on a social media platform similar to forums and blogs - watch what you write and abides to CEA Advertising Guidelines.

Please choose "Leave Group" on the right column if you do not wish to be in this group. You may have been added in wrongly.

Group Rules
#01: Only Singapore CEA Registered RES are welcomed into this group.
#02: Non-property-related matters are not encouraged to be discussed in this group.
#03: Think before you post.
#04: Respect every members.
#05: No vulgarities or religion / racial discrimination.
#06: No agents recruitment advertisements.