Point Cook Residents


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This is a group for residents of Point Cook, Melbourne to catch up, get to know each other and build on that neighbourly spirit. Point Cook is a wonderful place to live so why not form life long friendships with those that live close by.

Now for the terms and conditions of the page..

I will remove any members who purposely cause trouble or problems on this page. I will also remove any posts that I consider inflammatory, derogatory, directed in a negative way at another member etc. I WILL NOT ENTER INTO ANY QUESTIONING ON THIS MATTER.

Also please NOTE that whilst we allow advertising on this page to some degree, we do not allow constant spamming or advertising your business if you don't participate in the page at all! We are NOT an advertising medium and would appreciate if you want members to support your business that you support the page and not spam it. TIP: If you’ve just been added to the page don’t make your first post an advertising post.

Please do not slander or defame any businesses, Zero tolerance for personal threats, on any PCR member or member of the greater PCR community. Members not adhering to these guidelines will be removed ASAP.

Strictly no selling/giveaway of items - head over to a Buy Swap Sell site for this! This is also not real-estate.com

Please do not advertise ANIMALS for Sale or for FREE on this page.

All members need to be aware that we have many diverse members on PCR, not just members of the public. We have, Police Officers, Local council members, Journalists, business owners, local school teachers, pensioners, and new Point Cook residents, all gauging their opinions of our community on this page, and it’s posts, bear this in mind the next time you post a comment!

Opinions that are expressed in this forum are member's own opinions and as such, Point Cook Residents Page, it's representatives and it's administrators take no responsibility or liability for them.

All join requests are screened to determine whether they are profiles of real people. Business profiles are not accepted. If your settings are too high (eg friends/photos/posts not visible) you will not be accepted without contact with admin. If you have requested access but haven't been given access yet send admin Cheree Robinson a message. (however be patient if don’t receive a reply straight away)

FINALLY ** If your post is removed please contact admin directly do not post on the page wall**

** If you don't like the above rules then I suggest you don't join the page or leave the page, there are over 5000 members and rules are in place for a reason. **

Contact these places if you have items in great condition to giveaway