Pokémon's garden of secrets

Welcome to Pokémon's garden of secrets :-).
This is a group for almost everything pokémon related.
From the games, to fan art, to ...
Come in and enjoy the fun of Pokémon :-).

The sunlight breaks through the thick leaves making ever changing patterns of dancing shades. Lots of sounds float throughout the sheet of green that was hidden deep within the trees of Viridian Forest. The trees stood sturdy through the ages a bark so thick and wise bearing berries,fruits of the most vivid colors. The roots of these trees engrained into the fertile soil so damp and cool it held on to all the sounds that the forest made. The whispers of Pokemon and Human beings alike were carried in the wind.

Hopes,Wishes and Dreams condensed into cloulds that would rain down on this fertile soil. Flowers bloomed everywhere! A garden filled with Red wildflowers as bright as Sacred Fires, Blue Flowers catching raindrops in thier sapphire petals, Purple polite flowers dance around with Yellow daisies. Live was vibrant in this Garden people have found the entrance to it! Mel and Silvia step foot into the Garden they were greeted with such warm welcome they knew right away they had to share it with all kind hearted beings that made up the world! They sent thier young friend "Amarillo del bosque" on his Swift Dodou "Dody" and trusty Pikachu "Chu Chu" in search of Pokemon lovers all throughout to be invited to a place to decorate your wildest dreams!

To Test ourselves to reach new heights! The garden was now poured with passion! The Drawings of Trainers and Pokemon lovers hung from the branches! Melodies drizzled from the skies when Pokemon and trainers sang. The soil was warm with the heat of battles in which trainers tested themselves to be The Champion of the Garden! It was also a fresh bed of flowers in you can find the safety of friendship with dignity and respect. Thorns were known to grow and the ground would shake if negative acts of ignorance pollute its atmosphere the negative energy will be banished but our garden will take time to heal.
Let us protect all that is innocent, noble,and pure for honesty make our Garden's grow to a beautiful world! May today be the day we are forever kind.