Cardiff University Pole Sport

Cardiff University Pole Sport
Cardiff University Pole Sport provides pole fitness classes to our members in a safe, relaxed, social and fun environment. Our classes aim to provide individuals with an opportunity to improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, confidence and self-esteem as well as providing an opportunity to meet new friends. Pole fitness is currently growing as a sport, and we promote the sport and fitness side of pole in our classes.

We run our lessons in blocks of 5 weeks, which are paid for by members in advance. All instructors run to a specific lesson plan to ensure that all members receive the same high level of instruction. In the last lesson of a course (week 5), your instructor will assess your improvement and advise whether you should proceed to another level. You MUST be booked onto a course in order to attend the lessons. You can book these through campus groups. We provide lessons for varying levels of ability:

-Level 1 (Beginners)- £18 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 2 (Beginners)- £18 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 3 (Beginner-Inter)- £18 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 4 (Beginner-Inter Consolidation)- £18 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 5 (Intermediate)- £23 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 6 (Intermediate)- £23 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 7 (Inter-Advanced)- £23 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 8 (Inter-Advanced Consolidation)- £23 for a block of 5 lessons
-Level 9 (Advanced)- £23 for a block of 5 lessons

This year we will also be introducing MEN'S CLASSES which are optional for male members. This hour long class offers strength building and cardio circuits followed by time focusing on core strength pole moves.

Extra Classes

DROP IN (£2-all proceeds go to charity)
When and where?- Monday 5-7pm, Saturday 4-6pm at Passion, City Road
Drop ins are an opportunity for members to practice the skills that they have learnt in lessons. Members MUST have attended at least two pole lessons in order to attend a drop in session.

When and where?- Thursday 7.30-9pm at Cardiff Students Union (room TBA) Suitable for all abilities, conditioning is a class which aims to improve general fitness and stamina! This class is then followed by a flexibility class for those members who wish to stretch key muscle groups and improve flexibility, which will enable progression in pole sport.

When and where?- Sunday 7-9pm at Cathays Community Centre
Pole Core is also suitable for all abilities and offers the chance for members to work on their core strength both on the pole and on the floor. Pole Routine involves a variety of dance styles with added pole work. We will work to improve grace and fluidity on the pole, with a strong focus on linking moves in order to provide members with the toolkit needed to create their own choreography! Please note that these classes must be booked in advance through Campus Groups.