Portal of Alchemy

Fiona Silver Butterfly owner of the Portal of Alchemy (a Holistic Healing Centre in Westville North (South Africa)) created a space in Durban for personal transform and alchemy. As Intuitive Empath Energy Healer, Earth Angel, Light Worker, Higher Rays and DNA Activator, Reiki Master, Merkabah Activator, AEH Trainer and Practitioner, Crystal and Sound therapist as well as a Spiritual Counsellor she uses her knowledge and experience of a variety of modalities with the assistance of her Spirit Teachers and Guides to effect personal transformation in her clients. She's been healing family, friends and people all over the world which has fulfilled her life, and can do the same for you.

"I feel blessed to live my passion and share my gift of healing with you. I am doing what I came here to do in the first place, to contributing my part in the awakening process. My Mission statement is "Heal your Past, Live in the Now and Dream your Future". YOU have the ability to transform yourself, your life, I'm just the facilitator, shining my light in the areas that you need it."
If you feel ready, then come make an appointment to see me at The Portal of Alchemy in Westville North.


Services at the Portal of Alchemy are:

•Chakra Balancing and Alignment;
•Aura cleansing and Protection;
•DNA Activation;
•Soul Retrieval;
•Applied Energy Healing and Counselling;
•Crystal Merkabah / Light Body Activations Level 1 and 2 (can be done remotely as well);
•Thursday evenings Circles (for group healing and spiritual development);
•Opening up of Spiritual Path (Spiritual Counselling);
•Intuitive Angel Card Readings;
•Metaphysical Weekend Workshops Facilitator.