Portrait and Candid Photography

Hi and welcome to the Portrait and Candid Photography Group page! I initiated this page so that all photographers who want to learn and share could post their images for discussion and review. Just so you're aware of the general rating for this page, it's "G" as in Family-esque with a portrait and candid focus. Please feel free to share any images, or questions, observations you might have about shooting this type of image. We're all here to listen, see, and learn.

The secret to taking great “people pictures” is to observe your subjects, connect with them, and use your camera to its best advantage. Here’s how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, environment, and countless other variables, including the unique challenges of photographing babies, group activities, and action. Learn to capture facial expressions, tell a story with a series of candids, add interest to large-group shots, and more. Apply these techniques and watch your subjects come to life.