Realistic Figurative Painters South Africa

This is a group for contemporary classical realistic painters in the figurative genre. Painting and drawing stuff to look like stuff.

We are a group of friendly artists who paint and draw in South Africa, to arrange meetups in the Boland and Cape Town region, socialize, work together for fun, create events, arrange workshops with the members of the group, to share information and assist each other with gaining insight into the professional skills and processes of figurative art.

The focus is on learning and sharing, socialising and meetups. You must be an artist to join. If you are not an artist, this group is not for you. Play nicely with each other folks. Constructive criticism is healthy, so ask for CC if you'd like some.

No lewd images or porn will be allowed.

Professional and amateur artists who are passionate and serious about their art are welcome. All can improve and learn from each other.