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How to Use This Group and Rules: Please read everything below you have access as being a member to the following below:(1)Photo Album Add photos by clicking on photos above and making your own photo album for your product pictures, picture of your flyers and ect. Everything must be business related to your business you own or work with.(2)Events Add your own events. Click on Events above ,then click on Create Event and add your events if you have any coming up.(3)Posting your Ads You are allowed to post all you like ,as long as it is a different ad each time. You can do so with the same website link ,but with different ad and or picture for that ad .Or a complete different business your with...With due respect please try and follow this rule .Rules:(1 )No commenting on your own Post just to get it bumped up closer to the top,you will be banned for doing so .Yes however if someone post a comment on your post then with all respect please reply back to them with a comment.(2)No bashing other members and no fowl language in the group and No adult sites or pictures
(3).Do not spam on other peoples comments . NO USING AUTOPILOTS TO POST FOR YOU! LIKE Autoposter For Facebook, HootSuite AND Awesome Tools, Graph API Explorer. . IT'S NOT FAIR WE SEE YOUR POST & YOU DON'T SEE OUR POST. If you do so you will be banned from the group.

Please feel free to invite your work at home friends and family here to the group.

The more members the better.

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Randi Weinstein