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it used to be Everything goes, now it's just about Everything goes, EXCEPT links to competition sweepstakes sites or affiliate links. Name calling, threatening, racial, religious or political discussions are not allowed! AND Courtesy People Courtesy... DO NOT sabotage others voting links by reporting them as malicious, YOU WILL BE BANNED. Limit asking for votes in a comment to only those posts that ask for votes. DO NOT ASK FOR VOTES AS A COMMENT TO POSTS, UNLESS THAT POST ITSELF REQUESTS VOTES(and limit vote posts to 1x a day please). Add to this, not posting immediately (like within the same hour) over someone else's post. It leaves the original poster with hard feelings. it's going to happen by accident or with simultaneous posts, but if it's blatant and repeated it's obvious and you're banned for a week, keep it up and you're gone. It's simple, if you're going to post, take the time to read through the board and if you enter one from the board, don't post a link to that sweep ... simple (to read more about this, see this post https://www.facebook.com/groups/powersweepers/permalink/493715183999922/).

NOTE TO OFFENDERS: .... watch posting over someone elses post that's less then a few hours old. Note the exact same contest less then 1/2 hour ago was posted... a good rule is, get it from a fb group, don't post it at least in my group for a few hours or go over the groups posts from the last few hours. I'm trying to avoid posters feelings getting hurt about not posting over others but their posts being posted over. I can't catch this all of the time, but when I do I have to make mention, so could you please delete this post and make sure you check through your postings from this point forward.