East Coast Photographers Group

This open group is run by members of the PPOC Atlantic. We welcome photographers of Atlantic Canada to join the group both amateur and professional photographers.


Due to the awesome large number of members we are now limiting your posting of images to no more than TWO PER DAY.

Please post your very best images! Only post on the East Coast Photographers Group timeline, do not create albums as they will be deleted.

Themed Inspiration Albums have been created for you to showcase your best images in that category. Only post one, if you have a better one, please replace it by deleting the prior one.

Due to the fact this group is open, if you are concerned about images being stolen be sure to properly watermark your images.

If you wish a more in depth and constructive criticism on your photos just add 'CC please' to your post.

Do not download other people's work to edit without permission from the original poster.

Do not spam the group, or post ads, images, or videos that are not related to the group. Doing so will get you banned without notice.

If you are requesting to join the group, please make sure you have at least one photo album that is public on your facebook page that showcases your photography.

The admins of the group verifies every potential member. If there is no proof that you're interested in photography your request will not be approved.

You can also keep in touch with the happenings of the Professional Photographers of Canada- Atlantic branch on this page.

Please note that the PPOC Atlantic- Members Only closed group is still active. If you are a PPOC Atlantic member you can join herehttp://www.facebook.com/groups/ppocatlantic/