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Practical Sportsbikes is the UK's best magazine for buying, riding and fixing the best bikes from the 70s, 80s and 90s, on sale every month for just £3.99
If you're in to Fizzies or FireBlades, Z1s or ZXRs, Slingshots or Jotas we're the mag for you.
Every month we feature and ride some of the best restored and modified bikes - not just big-money NOS builds, but stunning home-restos completed on a budget too.
We test the bikes we lust after head to head and give you the essential info you need to buy and run one, and our Family Tree feature lists every version of a different model each month - from air-cooled RDs to the complete GSX-R series.
We don't just write about them too - we own, build and fix our own bikes, and we pass on the hints, tips and techniques in our 'How-to' sections. Look out for our project bikes too.
Check our page for our favourite bikes, previews of the next issue and your chances to be in the mag - make sure you post pictures of your pride and joy too, and feel free to let us know what you think about the mag too.

** PLEASE NOTE - Posting is restricted to bikes as sold between 1970 and 1999 - models on sale after this in the exact same pre-2000 specification (ZX-7R, Aprilia RS250 for example) excepted. Discussion, debate and opinion is welcomed, but we ask that all members treat each other with the same basic respect you would afford in face-to-face conversation. Members using abuse or foul language will be removed and blocked without warning. No selling of bikes or parts is permitted on the group. Commercial posts of any kind are also not permitted. Classified ads are free in the magazine however. Selling, off-topic posts and anything deemed inappropriate or non-family friendly by admins will be removed. No crash videos either, thanks.**