Welcome to Preloved,

If you love the earth, you'll love preloved.
Selling/ Giving away preloved items is one of the most effective ways to recycle.
By doing so, you are cutting down on someone's expenses & turning down the items into unnecessary manufacturing.

To ensure the group runs smoothly, kindly find below guidelines:

1. Posting choices:
- Pls post only 1 post with 1 photo. And max 5 posts per day. Extra photos of the same item, pls attach in the comment. DO NOT duplicate & DOUBLE post on WALL.
- If you have PC/laptop & have >10 items, pls pm admin to request for an album. They will create an album for you but subject to availability. Inactive album for >3 months, will be deleted by admin. To upload via mobile devices, pls refer to File: "07. How to upload photos into "ALBUM" via mobile devices?
- If you have unsold items for > 1 month, you may consider to post it into the pre-created category albums at File "03.Albums List".

2. (A) Pls ensure that all photos MUST BE REAL with:
i. description
ii. selling price (No price means FOC)
iii. pick up location/ postage fees
iv. condition
v. Internet photo can be attached in the comment only
(B) Kindly DELETE SOLD item. Wall post pls DELETE by EVERY MONTH END (be it sold/ unsold). Pls refer to file: "04. How to delete wall post's photo?"

3. BUMPING is allowed up to 3 photos per day. Pls be considerate that too many bumping may irritate other members. Bumping on album/ max 3 of photos is allowed but NOT all items contained within the album.

4. What u can post here!
a. Preloved items - selling/ giveaway/ renting
b. New items - like unwanted gift, wrong size, etc..
c. News/ info abt warehouse sales/ great deal like groupon etc [Idea is to ensure that u know the market price & you don't overprice ur selling/buying items]
d. Charity events
e. Seeking for advice
f. Sharing of experience & ideas on a particular products/services/prices/etc

5. Business, pls drop ur name card @ Owned & Run Businesses's album. If u r running any promotion, pls comment under ur name card. Only 1 post/ bump weekly pls.

6. Group Buy/ Pre-order is no longer allow in this group.

7. Post that did not abide the guideline above will be deleted without prior notice. U r pleased to report to admin if u find any.

Last but not least, pls be ethnical, fair & honest to seller/ buyer. Do check on File No. 08 to learn more abt why we remove/ ban members. Also whether online or in the real world, communicating, transacting or trading with our members in order to avail of any product must be done with your usual vigilance, sagacity and discernment. Neither Preloved group nor the admins have any responsibilities for the accuracy of the info or any abuse that might occur.

Happy shopping!

And thank you for your kind support!

Admins - Lai Mun, Vasanth Prasanth, Lai Yee, Bibi Jane, Jee hm & Faith H'ng