Job Preparation [ BCS+BANK ]

Job Preparation [ BCS+BANK ] was born on 14th September,2014.

The purpose of this group is firm & simple: to help us build a smart career in the government and Banking sector of Bangladesh as revealed in the group title. This platform is mainly built for the government and bank job seekers where you find all the attractive job circulars & updates along with highly educational posts, suggestions and viva experience.


1. Irrelevant post or irrelevant discussion/debate is strictly prohibited here. If there’s an argument, the language of that argument must be decent and polite.

2. In emergency cases, members can post irrelevant contents but they must have to mention OFF TOPIC at the head of their posts.

3. Religious & political posts that may create clash or segregation among the members are strictly prohibited.

4. No member is allowed to hurt or offend or misbehave with the other members. If any member use offensive/derogatory/insulting language/slang to other(s) in any post or comment, please instantly tag the admins in that post or comment or message them about it.

5. Hypocritical/spamming posts are also subject to exclusion.

6. Any kind of advert posts are prohibited here. This is a 100% advert free group. If any member tries to use this group wall as his/her advertising wall will be banned instantly without any notification.

7. No fake profile/ID is allowed here. When any potentially fake ID is detected, it will be banned/neutralized from the group instantly.

8. Nobody is allowed to upload unnecessary/funny/abusive "picture comments". If anybody violates this rule will be banned.

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*** For your instant aid, there is a Notice Board pinned in the group wall where you will find the links of different updated job circulars, their deadlines, requirements, exam dates, seat plans, results and events.

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