Hi Dear my Social worker friend...

This group is the finest gathering of professional Social Workers (students and practitioners from the background of BSW, MSW, Diploma in Social Work etc ). The community is dedicated to improve practice and advancing knowledge in social work and social welfare. The group has distinguished itself as a centre for excellence in Social work related topics. Hope this will yield new insights into established practices, evaluate new techniques and research, examine current social problems, and bring serious critical analysis to bear on problems in the profession....

Membership limited to:

1. Professional Social workers

2. NGOs run by Professional SWs

3. Professional SW related individual/agency

plz note..:

1. Give respect to the privacy of members.

2. Misbehavior leads to the termination of membership and 'mass blocking" wil be initiated.

3. Have the right to add Professional Social Workers and updates

4. Accepting of a friend request from any of our group member should be on ur individual decision.

5. As a member if u have any compliant pls text a msg to ADMIN's inbox or feel free to send a mail with details to:

6. When u r posting plz be furnish with adequate details..otherwise it will be deleted without any prior information

7. Posting of a Job Vacancy, name of post, job details, name of agency, address, mail id/website, contact number is needed.

8. Decisions taken will be democratic.

9. When u r adding members plz confirm the same in CONFIRMATION CORNER of the group

10. Do not advertise without prior permission

11. healthy discussions are initiated

12.Give & take respect..

13. Language/medium of post/updations should be in ENGLISH.. in discussions/comments u can use ur own language..


Keep in touch……
Stay tuned...

With warm regards..

Shine Vayala Admin

(MSW; Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham University)