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The PBT is for black people who have information and views that are not necessarily the norm. The words "conspiracy theory" are viewed as a stigmatized term here, as we think for ourselves and look at EVERYTHING, and not just what the news outlets of corporations, churches, mosques or political "leaders" tell us to. So if you "can't handle the truth" then this is not the group for you. We are open to all views and welcome people who are not always welcome on other sites because their views may be deemed radical or outside of the "group think". Remember to scroll down the wall through the pages and read what is already there before posting so that you don't duplicate threads that are already posted. There is always a lot to see on the PBT!

The group is a discussion group and not a collective. It is progressive in that it allows for thinking that is not typical. "Progressive" does not necessarily mean politically progressive here. It means moving forward and opening up to points of view and topics other than the norm that are typically found in spaces for black people. The PBT is open to all black people who want to share their views on the issues of the day and information. Please be open and don't censor yourselves, as we are here to learn, grow and share, debate and progress.

PBT rules:
No spamming the wall.

Any posts with work from such people whose sole purpose is to demean, degrade and stereotype black women will be removed.

Targeting of a group member is not allowed. Either add some proof to back what you say about a topic or add info or real questions to the thread. Don't post for the sole purpose of calling people names just because they may see things differently than you do. If you don't like it here leave. No grand pronouncements about it are needed. They will be removed.

No blocking the moderators.

Break any of the rules and you will be removed. No exceptions!

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