Progressive Liberals of the Tri-state

Focus Statement and Disclaimer

Welcome to Progressive Liberals of the Tri-State (PLOTTS). As a member of PLOTTS we hope you find a home with us to seek refuge in a place with many like-minded individuals. We hope find this site rewarding, informational, and enjoyable. We encourage you to participate knowing you are among friends and please feel free to invite other like-minded liberals that you may know. We have members from all over the US though we started as a small group in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. We love to add liberals from anywhere in the world. The following is a few things we would like to offer in respect to what may be found in this group and some guideline as to what is appropriate on this site.

The first thing to understand is that this site is a place for refuge for liberals. As such there are no conservatives admitted into this group and thus nothing said here is seen by conservatives. Many here often use this site to rant or vent and sometimes say things here out of frustration that they can not and would not say to a more general audience. As a consequence things are sometimes said that may be offensive to some and even to some in this group.

As a liberal site we have members from many ethnicities, social classes, the LBGT community and from several religions. We have Morman, Wiccan, Atheiest, Hindu, Catholic, several different denominations of Evangelicals, as well as others I am sure. We even have Preachers and other religious leaders present in the group. As a result we will not always agree with all post concerning religous beliefs.

Because of the liberal nature of the site and the fact that as liberals we have members from many different walks of life we may not always agree with ideas or content posted by all members all the time.

There are sometimes mature content and mature language posted here that not everyone wants to see. However, as a liberal site, we tend to fall on the side of tolerance and understanding for all.

Understand as well that sometimes members may post things that are uncharacteristic of them when under the influence of medication or alcohol and sometimes out of pure frustration. Because one person on this site post something that may be an undesired opinion, view, or position by others does not make us ALL resonsible for that opinion. When we see things posted like this we can all respectfully voice our opinions of whether it is appropriate or not.

What is not tolerable is for one member disrespecting another directly. We do encourage free speech and tolerance but at the same time discourage libelous or slanderous material directed at members or nonmembers directly by name.

Members are encouraged to express disagreement with other members in respectful ways on this site. No one said we all have to agree 100% of the time.

The adminstrators are not responsible and shall be held harmless for comments and posts by members of the group. Personal attacks on other members and/or persons outside of the group are not necessarily the opinion of the adminstrators and may be removed at the discretion of the adminstrators at any time and for any reason that the administrators see as appropriate.

Please understand what has been explained here and why we practice tolerance on this site. Realize there will be some mature content and language from time to time for various different reasons. There also may be things you disagree with as there is for all of us. But also realize there are a great bunch of people with liberal bleeding hearts on this site and that even the best of us sometimes say things here we may not say elsewhere. If you can accept this you are more than welcome and will find many friends among us.To promote truth and liberty in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio & West Virginia.

'We are the way we are, because fear does not own us".