Progressive Property Community

The Progressive Property Community; a Progressive online property investor community for feedback, discussion, help and interaction between active, Progressive investors new and experienced. We love a good conversation, but to ensure this group stays on topic, we ask members to follow the following simple guidelines:-

1. Please contribute, share and answer questions of others before promoting or selling anything
2. Therefore only regular contributors can promote their business, leads, properties etc
3. Any promotion must be property related; no selling sunglasses or trainers ;-)
4. No multiple posts across Facebook groups (FB will likely ban you anyway)
5. Please add a nice photo, people without photos won’t stay long
6. No ‘lead capture.’ IE, all discussions stay on page. ‘PM me for details’ is not allowed as the group can’t get benefit
7. No scraping members onto other groups
8. Spam, inappropriate material, trolling, and any off topic posts, will be deleted and the member notified; second time banned

This being said, please enjoy the forum, we are all here to help! These gentle rules are here to help us all enjoy the community and make a disruptive influence on the planet ;-)