Flea Market SG (Audio/visual/DJ/Producer/Musician)

Dear friends,

So often we come across customers who want to do trade ins for their 2nd hand gear for 1st hand goods, and some who are just looking to sell off their old gear for extra cash. So we decided to start to group to help our friends/customers get a good deal for their goods. Instead of going through any third parties..... sellers can go directly to buyers (members) of this group.

Any possible dealings here should be related to DJing, music, club scene (Instruments, microphones, turn-tables, CDJs, DJ mixers, digital vinyl systems, soundboards, amps, dmx lighting consoles, etc) - stuff like that.

Please feel free to post what you are selling or interested in buying.

The creators of this page hold no responsibility for loss of goods, damaged goods, deals gone wrong between individuals, etc. Please keep your dealings with one another ethical.

Please share this group with your friends.
But please do not post spammmm, or you will be blocked. :)

Thank You
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